Friday, October 30, 2009

Winter Workshops & Activities

What an exciting year we’ve had here at Damali Farm as we draw to the close of our first full season of being open daily. We’ve finished all of our lavender plantings, the landscaping is nearing completion and we’ve harvested our first crop of grapes. We built a greenhouse this spring and have been riding the learning curve of propagating lavender and growing vegetables in this new environment. We’re getting better at it and expect to have plenty of lavender plants for a spring sale. Our original barn has been renovated and now houses our winery and soon also the vinegary. There has also been the ongoing lavender harvesting, essential oil distilling, product making and running of the shop. We’ve had a lot of interest from couples wanting to hold their weddings here at the farm next Spring & Summer and are working with them to plan their special days so things are still pretty busy around here, thank goodness the winter gives a little time for some rest….but not too much as we have some new and exciting things planned for the winter season to literally keep the spirits up.
We’ve been attending lots of fairs, markets, workshops and conferences over the past weeks and have quite a few more coming up as well as our Christmas openings here at the lavender shop.
I recently met a neighbor who approached me about putting on a series of Spiritual Workshops called the ‘Masters of Joy’ Series. Jane Hutchins lives on Kilipi Road just around the corner from us and she is a Reiki Master, Holistic Health Practitioner and Psychic Intuitive, she must have known I was looking to hold some workshops here at Damali! We will be hosting a series of 9 workshops followed by a 3 Day Retreat.
For a list of the events we will be attending over the fall, the dates of the Damali Christmas Openings and more information about the Workshop Series please go to
At this time of year we are open by chance or appointment, however my office is in the Lavender Shop and when I’m working there but t's best to call ahead (250) 743-4100 if you are coming from any distance.
We hope to see you out during the winter season at the farm.
The Damali Partners

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